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Created on 2011-04-06 04:11:04 (#720160), last updated 2017-08-14 (9 weeks ago)

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Name:Sam and Martouf - We love as one
Posting Access:Anybody
Welcome to Sam and Martouf, a community devoted to Samantha (Sam) Carter and Martouf/Lantash from Stargate SG-1.

Disclaimer: This community, and it's content held within, are strictly non-profit and is created with the sole purpose of entertaining fellow fans, and as such under the Organisation of Transformative Works, this site and all works held within are subsequently under the purview of fair use. Original character ownership reverts to that of the original author, any immediately recognisable characters are under the ownership of those entities of whom hold copyright. Infringement is not intended, nor admitted here within. As such Stargate SG-1, Samantha Carter, Martouf, Gate device and other terms and other non-original characters used within the Show are under the ownership of MGM, SyFy, Gekko Productions and other affiliated bodies.

This community is designed for fans of the characters to discuss the relationship, the episodes dealing with the characters, fan art, fan fiction, fan vids and any and all multimedia.

This community was founded in 2005 by angelicalangie, and is currently still maintained by her, questions relating to the community, of which are not to do with the community's topic matter, may be discussed by sending an email to the email you see above.

As this is a community there are a few, states the obvious, rules to be followed;

General Community Rules

1.No flaming, or personal attacks on anyone within the community or outside of it. At all, ever.

2.No flaming or personal attacks, on the cast, crew or higher ups of Stargate.

3.If you have a long post, please use an LJ Cut

4.No chat speak, not everyone uses it, it looks downright untidy and it gives the appearance of being lazy.

5.Bandwidth – if you are linking to a photo, do not hot link and steal another persons bandwidth, if you can either share a link, or better still upload the images to your own server or to a free photo sharing site like flikr or Photobucket.

6.No overt advertising of a site that is not held within a normal post as is.

Fan Fiction Posting

1.Please, use an LJ cut for all fan fiction.

2.All stories must centre upon Sam/Martouf, Sam or Martouf. Other pairings, other than peripheral mentions are not ok.

3.Information that should be shared before an LJ Cut is;
Title, Author, Spoilers, Rating, Category, Summary (If Rec'ing please give an indication as to what made it a worth while read.)

4.Tagging details to be announced (fan-fiction is one that can be used in interim)

5. Please note, stories held within this community can, and most likely will be from a rating of G to NC-17

Multimedia Postings

1.Please anything that could be considered large, post behind an LJ Cut

2.If you are posting a lot of Icons (More than 5) please, use an LJ Cut

3.If an Icon/vid/artwork focuses solely on Martouf or Sam, this too is allowed

(Rules and general lay out inspired the great people of a Battlestar Galactica community devoted to Lee (Apollo) Adama and Kara (Starbuck) Thrace)

Tags currently being used;

Maintainer Post

(Others to be confirmed)

Archives regularly used by our writers and others; (The Sam and Martouf Legacy archive) (Symbiotica)
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